About Snap 3D

Snap 3D is unequivocally a 3D visual effects sensation, it is disrupting conventional technologies such as the high priced goggles by delivering affordable convenience.

The Snap 3D lens simply snaps on to the front of the smartphone or tablet to completely transform the phone into a 3D visual sensation. The unique design allows the Snap 3D lens to be removed and snapped on to the back of the phone to act as a sturdy protective case.

  • The high quality Snap 3D lens features a thin (0.5mm) PC material that provides outstanding touch screen sensitivity.

  • Combined with TPU material that is strong against shock, to protect the smartphone.

  • Snap 3D  is strong and durable against scratching and has a UV coating.

  • The Snap 3D Lens works in conjunction with a sophisticated 3D technology App on the phone to deliver an unprecedented result.

  • Watch the Setup Video for more detailed information.


Snap 3D Case